Midi Input records at huge offsets that get worse!

Using Nuendo 4.3.0 - 371

So I start a project. Midi input records perfectly - I press a key at bar 1, it records at bar 1.

I add another track - seems to work fine… after a while though, the midi input lags, not only by a few seconds, but eventually now it’s lagging by 13 or more bars!!

I started a new project - old project is inactive in the background. Fresh project, new midi track. Press record and enter some notes – the midi is delayed recording by 13 tracks again.

This is infuriating to work like this. I’m not sure why the midi recorded is not showing up until way later when at the beginning of the project it was perfectly in sync. It’s recording but the notes actually appear bars and bars ahead, causing me to have to edit the midi tracks and drag them back in place.

Has anyone got this problem, it feels like a bug, or perhaps some odd feature which is enabled by default?? I use this software commercially and it’s wasting huge amounts of time, I’m at the point where I’m considering dropping Steinberg and moving to some other sequencer that can keep time properly.