Midi input strange action

Help! When I input to Cubase 8 from my midi keyboard, a few keys open windows in Cubase. For example, F#5 opens the MixConsole window. Pressing F#5 again closes the MixConsole window. Using Cubase Key Controls this same toggling takes place when pressing the F3 key on the computer keypad, as designed. I have a Yamaha P120 keyboard attached to my MacBook Pro via a Focusrite Scarlett 616 (2nd Gen. Edition). If anyone knows how to fix this, please respond. Thanks!

Hi and welcome,

Open Devices > Device Setup. I’m quite sure on the left side, you will find Mackie Control device in the Remote Devices. Click on it and make sure the MIDI In is set to Not Connected. If you can’t find Mackie Control here, there is most probably some other Remote Device. Go thru and set all MIDI Inputs to Not Connected.

Thank you. My problem is solved!