MIDI input suggestion for future updates

Daniel and Team,

As I was rewatching some of the available Dorico videos, and thinking about my new soon to be setup, I thought of an idea that I think would be very useful.

I now own 2 condensed MIDI keyboards (1 that is 2 octaves, and 1 that is 3 octaves) that for some reason do not have a display window, and therefore I do not know what octave I am currently in. It would be nice if there was a way, prior to inputting any notes, if Dorico could tell me what octave the current note I am pressing is in. I waste a lot of time now, typing music in, looking up and seeing that I have been in the wrong octave for the better part of a bar or 2.

I know there was talk or a suggestion of maybe creating a way of note input where the user could choose to have pitch first, duration second, or duration first, pitch second. Maybe if that does become a reality you could somehow work out this request. I know it is small, but it could be a time saver for the future.


Dorico does echo the note you played so at least you can hear that you are in the wrong octave straight away.

While I think that is great… it only works when you are paying attention. Which is something I don’t always do when I start to look at the MIDI keyboard. lol!