Midi Input Toggle?

Is there a way to toggle midi/keyboard note input? I need the facility to play my master keyboard (working on ideas) without inputting notes then when ready to input, a simple shortcut key to switch on midi input. At the moment I have a second keyboard assigned to midi input and master keys inactive but this means I’m having to change my position every time I need to input notes (there’s no space to move the second keyboard to a better position). It may not sound like a huge problem but ideally I want to stay in the same position when writing and inputting notes.

In the Dorico Preferences, under General, scroll right down to the bottom, there is an option for “Enable MIDI Input”.

On my system I can play my midi keyboard and get sound from my computer when I’m NOT inputting notes, as long as I’ve selected a note onscreen and hit Play at least once in the session (this presumably tells the Halion Player to wake up and do something).

I guess from there it’s Enter to turn on input and Escape to turn off input.

I can’t really explain why that’s working here and why it’s not working where you are, because I haven’t done anything more clever then plugging a MIDI keyboard in and loading Dorico.

If one has the input caret active, then playing the MIDI keyboard will input notes.
If one has not chosen anything in any staff, MIDI thru will not know what instrument sound to choose.

To piggy-back off of Derrek, hit enter in one measure of the instrument whose sound you want. Then immediately hit escape. You can then play and hear the sound of that instrument but it will not insert any notes into the score. If you activate note entry on a different instrument (and then back out) the sound should change to that instrument.