midi input transform Modulation to CC4

i would like to transform the modulation wheel input into CC4 to be able to modulate the opening of the HiHat footpedal via mod wheel.
alternatively use the pitch bend wheel to be transformed into CC4.
i can not get it to work.
any help highly appreciated!

on that note: it would be great to be able to use mod wheel and pitch wheel to actually control elements of the mixer, like pan fader, sends etc.
would be a nice idea for Steinberg to implement.



This should work:
Type Is > Equal > Controller > And
Value 1 (MIDI Controller No.) > Equal > 0 (CC0 Modulation)

Value 1 > Set to fixed value > 4 (CC4 Foot).


Don’t forget to enable the module.

If you want to drive it with the PitchBend, change the 1st line to Type Is > Equal > Pitchbend. And you don’t need the 2nd line.

thanks martin. very helpful and it worked great. (although i could not get the pitchwheel assignment happening)



Oh, sorry. The PitchBend must look different, because you have to “convert” the message to the MIDI CC.

If I’m right (sorry, cannot test it right now), this should work (see attachment, please).

hi martin.
thanks for trying for a solution. but the Pitchwheel transformation is still not working.



Now I tested with Cubase. Please delete the last line in the lower part for the Pitch Bend. It’s a nonsense. The first two lines are enough. :wink: Keep only the “Type” and “Value 1” lines.

This is working to me.

I’m sorry for the stupid mistake.