midi input - transposition

I am new to midi keyboard input and am having some issues with playing in a sax part to get the correct pitches.

Eg key is Bb, Alto is in G - notes I need are written in the score, so I play the pitches as they are written. I have set up the flow Transposed Pitch and note input to written. It keeps transposing the part up a 6th.

I have tried multiple different setups and can’t get Dorico to write the pitches I need.

If I play in G A G D G - it writes E D E B E

I used to be able to do this very easily but am now stuck. Please help.

At the moment there’s no way of using MIDI input straight into transposed pitch. I suggest you use MIDI input and then perform the transposition (using either the Transpose dialog or the Shift-I popover).

Many thanks pianoleo, It looks like the written note input option does not work. Been driving me mad for 2 hours. Thought I had lost my marbles. Any idea when it is going to be sorted?



Nope. I’m just a fellow user!

This will be implemented in the next update, i.e. real-time recording will respect the state of the Write > Input Pitch submenu.

Great! Any idea when that will come? I have a rather huge transcription project to complete and hoped to do it even quicker with midi input.



I’m afraid I can’t say for sure, but we are planning to release a small bug fix update in the near-ish future.