Midi Insert Effects don't work after reopen a project

I put the Midi Effect - Midi Modifiers to change the key and scale… on two tracks in a project.
I saved my project… closed it… later the midi modifiers settings where not recognized. ( where still the same )
the project / track sounds strange ( not in key )
i have to changed the settings again. and than it worked.


What MIDI Modifier did you use exactly, please? Did you use Transpose? Did you use it as the palette in Cubase, or as an MIDI Insert effect, please?

is it always reproducible?

What Cubase version do you use?

hey. I use Midi Modifiers Plug in with Scale and key settings only…
no transpose.
Midi Insert Effect.
yes its always reproducible.
I use the newest Cubase Pro 11.0.10 ( always the newest version )
OS: Mac Catalina 10.15.7

. it happens every time after restart a project.

Update, after delete Cubase program and new install…
its still there .
Midi Modifiers Midi Effect does not work after reopen a project.