MIDI insert fx with scripting

As the title suggests - a MIDI insert FX that can use scripting. The transformer (realtime version of the logical editor) is very limited.

To do conditional statements more than one Transformer is needed - this is no good for MIDI sends - there is only a single slot for sending to another VST.

Example: If I want to send a kick drum from a drum midi track as MIDI sidechain for ducking a vst - but the vst only accepts CC then
a) the midi note of c1 must be extracted first (soloed) from the MIDI drum pattern
b) convert the midi note to CC, including the note on and note off (as value 127 and 0 respectively).
This cannot be done with one send instance of the Transformer. (also “note off” is not recognised - it only works in Logical Editor as “add length” option - which is not realtime)

Scripting for a MIDI insert fx would really make cubase even more powerful.

Some ideas for scipting language - The Lua language apparently is great for MIDI or Angel script. Or how about “Steinberg Script” e.g. something new?



Could also just be JavaScript.


I keep choosing Logic over Cubase due to Logic’s Scripter. In addition, many of the shortcomings/features desired for expression maps could be done (better, more flexibly) with a MIDI script plugin. LUA would be fine.


and opening up MIDI to 3rd party developers.