Midi insert presets - there but their not!

Loving C8 to beats and pieces so far BUT Found this little nightmare tonight, whilst I was wide awake at that!

Load Apache/SX click on the load preset tab and it doesn’t even blink an aero bubble! All the presets are in the right folders, scanned and rescanned media bay etc, followed all the instructions on missing presets from other forums in C7.5 only to get nowhere! Hehe, has anyone else had this? If you haven’t tried it yet, please do and post here, maybe just this system. I’ve uninstalled the update and put ran it back on to no avail unfortunately.

I don’t often use them plugins at all, just as well I decided to try them cause, they ain’t there! although they are all there in the right folders… :unamused:

Thanks in advance fellow C8 beta testers :sunglasses:

It seems the installer never installed them! I went into the hidden Apps folder/roaming/steinberg/presets and copied them over from Cubase 7 folder into the cubase 8 presets folderand now they’re all present and correct, and working.

Mine were copied correctly bu the install but I still don’t see them showing up…in fact where there use to be a spot to click and get the preset menu is now a record button. What am I missing?

Have you had a look in the hidden apps folder? In users/your name/apps/steinberg/presets