Midi inserting notes earlier in the piano roll.

I’m not really sure what’s been happening, but it has happened on two seperate computers now.

So before I sat I’m running Windows pro 64 bit, a Scarlett 18i20 using usb, a Korg SV1 as my MIDI controller, and Cubase 8.5.

So here’s what has been happening. The midi will be working fine from what I can tell, I’ll load up a VST and play around with it a little before recording and it works great. The problem starts when I try to record. I will hit the button and play some stuff but it doesn’t seem to be recording right. The piano roll will display a note stretching back from the beginning of the recording to where the song is at now, but only when I’m pressing down the note. Trying to play back the recording only offers me a quarter second long chord of all the notes that I played, right at the beginning. If I record for long enough though I realize that it’s not just putting all the notes at the beginning, it’s actually trying to insert the notes several measures before I am actually playing them.

I’ve tryed for quite a while to figure this out, but for the life of me I just can’t think of why it would be doing this.