Midi Inserts for Cubase Artist 7.5

Can anyone tell me how to acquire midi inserts for Cubase Artist 7.5? I used to use Cubase 5 which had some brilliant midi inserts such as Distortion, Delay - including ping-pong delay and Roomworks, sadly these are all absent from Cubase 7.5.

Thanks in advance!

I think you’re confusing “MIDI inserts” with “audio inserts.” You can’t have a “distortion” MIDI plugin, and Distortion, PingPong and RoomWorks are all audio plugins. MIDI plugins can only affect the data going to the MIDI device.
If you’re in an Instrument Track, you want the inserts named “Audio Inserts.” If you’re using a MIDI track and sending to a VSTi in the Rack, then you need to insert fx into the audio output of the VSTi (in a folder called “VST Instruments.”

As you can see from the attached screenshot of the Cubase brochure, Artist has all the plugins you mentioned (the second column shows what Artist has).

Thank you, that helps so much. In Cubase 5 I had to go to the midi inserts tab to find these things, but with a bit more hunting I found “audio inserts”. They are really tucked away. However I am much happier that I know they are there :smiley: