MIDI Inserts -> Transformer -> "Quantize?"

Is there really no way to quantize the live INPUT into a track (I know you can do real-time quantizing on the output of a pre-recorded MIDI / VST track).

The Transformer does not seem to have a way to delay the triggering of a too-soon note (early-aware quantizing) like Ableton Live has for triggering clips in a live situation, etc.

I’m coming back to Cubase after a decade of Logic.



You can switch On the Auto Q in the Transport menu. When you switch it on, Cubase will Quantize on the input. So, your data will be recorded quantized at all.


Thanks, Martin.

I didn’t see that little Auto Q hiding down there. But, alas, it doesn’t do what I need as it still allows the notes to be played / heard unquantized, as it only affects the final recording. I need this for a live situation.

VST Tracks output affecting other tracks … are you trying to sidechain?


Cubase doesn’t permit audio track to audio track routing … but you can sidechain audio tracks the ‘old fashioned’ non-VST3 way by using the ‘quadro’ group bus where on track if feed through and the external sidechain key track is routed to the sidechain key of capable plugin.

Just google ‘Sidechain Cubase Quadro’ and you’ll find some videos. The best one is about 3 minutes long and starts with a guy popping the top on can of beer in the audio.


You can send a midi track to four other VSTi’s other than the main one, if thats what your asking?

Thanks, Como – But, I’m interested in MIDI input / output connections between VSTs, not audio. I don’t think side-chaining sends non-audio data, does it?

I want to go: External MIDI controller -> Cubase in -> Reaktor VST (for MIDI processing) and then its MIDI result -> one or more inputs (MIDI inputs) of various VST instruments.

Thanks. Well, I need live MIDI events to be processed and then sent out, live (not on a recorded track). But, that’s interesting to know. Actually, I think I’d just use “shared copies” of MIDI clips if I was trying to have pre-recorded sequences drive multiple VSTs.

Have you tried using the MIDI send effects?

Try setting up a MIDI track to output to Reaktor. Set up another MIDI track in Cubase with the MIDI input fcrom Reaktor and set the output and the MIDI track to a primary destination the MIDI output port and use the MIDI sends from the track inspector to other MIDI output ports. If you do not see a MIDI sends from the inspector right click or control click and activate. Select the output ports and make sure that they are active.

All the best,


This worked brilliantly. Greg, drinks are on me.

My new found faith in Cubase has been restored.

I didn’t even need to use “MIDI send effects.” But, they should add more flexibility as I dig deeper.

So, per your general suggestion:
MIDI track -> Reaktor in the VST Rack -> another MIDI track -> another VSTi in the VST Rack, essentially gives me a workable “Logic Environment” in Cubase (with Reaktor being the “Environment” equivalent). And, Cubase is superior in almost every other way (imho).

You made my night.

Thanks again.

Are you using Reaktor in the VST Rack or in an Instrument Track? You should open it in the VST rack. If Reaktor is outputting midi, Cubase should recognize it as an instrument.

You should then see Reaktor as a midi track input device in the inspector of any midi track. You can then make it the input of as many midi tracks as you’d like, each routed then to chosen instruments.

I hear your frustration, but I’ve never found anything with midi that Cubase cannot do.

Device Panels is the wrong direction.


Thanks, Como – Yeah, I got it figured out. I have Reaktor in a VST Rack now. Yes, just discovered User Panels are the wrong direction, as well.

MIDI Track, to Reaktor, to MIDI Track, to another VSTi, is giving me the setup I needed. This combo is essentially identical to Logic’s “Environment” (Logic is where I’m migrating from and where the setup I’m trying to recreate in Cubase/Reaktor is from – so far, so good).

(All that said, I have had Cubase crash twice in the last couple hours – not too pleased about that, as that’s one of the main reasons I’m switching from Logic to Cubase.)

Sorry to hear about the crash. I’ve been onboard since SX3 and this if far the most stable Cubase (or any DAW) I’ve ever run. Couple of crashes with obscure VSTis … that’s it.

BTW … if you run out of sends, take a look at Toby Erikson’s free LoopMidi virtual cables. You can also use them to send between tracks from the miid input/ output in the inspector for each track … as many as you CPU can handle with the hit from the Instruments you’re using.

Hang in there!


Good to hear. I’m starting to be of the opinion that audio performance and stability seem to be better on Windows than Lion. Performance, for sure. Dawbench numbers don’t lie.

Worse comes to worse, I’ll just switch to Cubase on Windows – something I couldn’t do with Logic.

I’m thinking about doing that for performance reasons anyway.