MIDI Inspector values not sent at song start

Hello everyone, I’m having this problem : I’d like to set volume and pan (and also FX send levels) for my midi parts, sent to an external synth, in the Track Inspector (or in the mixer). The controller values are sent to the synth when I move the settings, but not when the song starts. So when I load the project and turn the synth on every part setting is set to the synth’s default values again. Is that normal ? Is there a way to send my midi mixer settings at song start ? Thanks for your help !


Yes, this is the way, how it is implemented. The data are sent out at the moment, when you Go to Zero.

Thanks Martin, but I don’t see what you mean. Mixer settings are NOT sent when you go to zero. What is sent then are the cc values written in the midi parts themselves (generally at the first measure). I deleted those controller values because I want to use the mixer to fine tune the mix. Unfortunately the VOL and PAN set in the Mixer are not sent unless you specifically touch them ! The strangest part is that the Insert settings (like cc91 and cc93 FX send levels) set in the inspector are indeed sent at beginning of the song, just not volume and pan, which is weird. The Midi Freeze function does not work either with volume and pan (WHY ??) Fortunately, when you export the midifile, the inspector settings are indeed written in the midi file ! It is tricky, imagine your audio mixer does not respond before you touch every setting. By the way, I’m using Cubase 7 LE but I guesse its’ the same with the newer versions

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I have just tested this.

You are right. It seems, once you start to use the data in the MIDI Part, the init value on the Mixer has not been sent out.