MIDI instrument and track has disappeared but is still playing in playback


I run Cubase 7.5 and have run into a weird issue. Suddenly, one of my MIDI tracks is nowhere to be found in the project, but the instrument track is still playing the MIDI track notes in playback. Now, I can’t add screenshots nor links to the post as I’m considered a too new user, so the links below have a space added after https. I’m not sure why I’m not allowed to do it, but I guess it’s to limit bots and malicious links - so I understand if you don’t want to click them, but it’s hard to describe without showing any images. For MODS, feel free to remove them in the review if it’s still against the rules.

The track was part of one of my track folders called “Soloists”. The track itself is called “Tina Guo Cello 2” and cannot be seen as a separate track now, but it’s still part of the drop down in the inspector if I select the track folder it’s part of. So it’s still there in some capacity.

https ://imgur.com/KTYdxNA

Now, if I go into the Key Editor of the combined MIDI track for the Soloists folder, I can also find the Tina Guo Cello MIDI track, as can be seen in screenshot below. So, it’s obviously still there, and it still sounds during playback, but I just can’t find the actual Instrument Track for it.

https ://imgur.com/DARTNZ4

Anyone has any ideas how I can troubleshoot this? I’ve been searching for it in the project for ages now, and I just don’t know how to find it.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Pasting your images on your behalf:

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You most likely have inadvertantly hidden the track.

First, to make it visible again, on the left-hand side, where in your screenshot “Inspector” is the selected tab, click “Visibility” instead.
You should then be able to see which tracks are not currently visible, e.g.

If there’s a check mark missing to the left of the “Tina Guo Cello 2” track, just click there and it will again be visible in the track list in the Project Zone.

That fixed it! Thank you very much.

In all my searching the one thing I didn’t notice was that there was a Visibility tap between the Inspector… Feeling kinda dumb now. But at least the problem is solved! :slight_smile:

You’re not alone, believe me! Over the years, so many new features have been introduced that even long-time users struggle to keep up. With each new version, I make a point of trying each feature out in order to decide whether or not it’s useful to me, and if it is, I make a demo project that I can go back to for reference.

Track visibility is one that’s caught me out before, firstly because it’s so easy to inadvertantly hit it (in the track list pop-up menu, when you might be wanting to do something else) and secondly because I generally have no use for it … if my track count is getting so high that I’m losing “track” (excuse the pun!), then I’ll just move some into folder tracks for organisational purposes.

I absolutely agree. I’ve already learned how to do most things I want to do, so I’ve not really been actively looking for what’s need. Though, I guess it could make my work more effective, but this was definitely one of those! I’m like you, folders is what I do, and that works great for me.