Midi & Instrument Channels - How many VST slots available co


I was under the impression that there were only 16 available VST slots (F11) that can be assigned to different Midi channels in Cubase ELements 7. To my surprise I was able to add another VST instance when I added an instrument track. So exactly how many VST’s am I able to load in Elements when I combine The 16 VST slots + instrument channels? Is it 16 slots in the F11 menu and in addition 24 more VST’s through the instrument channel option?

Cheers, Michael

I would think you could keep adding them until S1 can’t run, then back it off a bit.

That would be a different amount for different people depending on the computer.

Ok, thanks. I thought there only were 16. Need to use the Freeze channels option quite a bit when you get that many vsts playing, but it works.