MIDI Instrument Issues

Hi all

A couple of months back I had this issue: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=89895 regarding a sudden volume drop when editing a Groove Agent SE MIDI part. Now I have the same problem and it won’t go away. I’ve wasted an evening trying to work around it, but sadly to no avail. As before, there’s no automation or other MIDI messages in the part or affecting the instrument: it’s just MIDI notes in the MIDI part.

This issue occurred when I was editing a drum part and, when clicking on the notes in the editor, the samples (a ride cymbal in Groove Agent SE) stopped playing back at the correct volume - it suddenly dropped to a near whisper. The rest of the instrument also dropped in volume and couldn’t be heard in the mix.

Closing and re-opening the project seemed to resolve the issue but as soon as I went to the editor again, the same thing happened. Has anyone else noticed this?


Strange issue, not seen it on my DAW, but I ususally use GA4, not GA4 SE…

Looking at your post’s title… does this happen with other VST as well?

I believe I have this same exact problem. I have laid all my midi drums during record mode and volume was fine. I mapped out my drums in the Drum Map Editor thing (sorry, I’m pretty new to all this) and then I have my drum editor up and all the previously laid samples are fine as volume goes, but any added samples (of the same type, such as adding a single snare of tom hit), the volume is so low, even though the velocity is the same.

I even tried copying an existing drum hit and pasting where I wanted it and it is STILL super low volume.
Changing the volume in the the area at the bottom, it doesn’t matter.

Strangely, when I click where I want the drum hit to be, it plays at normal volume, but when I hit playback, it is near nonexistent in volume. The velocity is actually 25% higher on the new added drum hits than the already in place ones.

I have Cubase Pro 9.0.30 and am using Groove Agent 4, not SE.

Sorry if my terminology is off, being new and all.

Quick update. I just checked and if I edit in the normal MIDI editor (just double-clicked on the mid tom, for instance) and I add a few toms, the volume is fine. Just in the Drum Editor, everything is messed up. Man, this process is gonna be tedious!

i have the same problem: droping VST volume to zero on all vst plugins. I’m running 9.5

Thanks for confirming the same issue on 9.5. I thought upgrading might resolve. I guess I will email support and see what’s up.