Midi Instrument Loops drop out

Some of the instruments I have offer patches containing sets of loops. For example, Halion Sonic SE has a “beats” patch at 100 bpm and another at 120 bpm – nice stuff. I have some instruments from Air Music that feature similar patches.

So, here’s what’s happening.

  1. Create Instrument Track and assign HalSE to the 100 bpm “beats” patch.

  2. Create MIDI track with one long note to trigger a four bar loop.

  3. Duplicate the four measures three times (16 bars total in 4/4, four four-bar segments)

  4. Put the 16 bars into Cycle mode (loop playback)

Some of the loops will drop out and not playback. There’s no pattern to which loops play and which don’t, Sometimes bars 1-4 do not play, on the next pass all will play, on the next pass, bars 5-12 do not play and so on. This only gets stranger if more than one note is added to the measure.

I’ve tried to trim the note endings and tried using a pre-roll but it’s not working. Seems like a clocking issue, but all Preference settings and ASIO settings seems correct.

This same issue, loops dropping out, happens with Steinberg VSTIs and those from Air Music. It’s unpredictable and something I’d like to correct. I’m not sure if this a Cubase thing, a computer thing or a little of each?

My basic system is in the signature. Thanks for any insights on this. :slight_smile:


  1. I would recommend you to start at bar 3, not at bar 1. The 1st bar is always a little shaky. :wink: This should solve your problem of the 1-4 bar.

  2. Make sure, your MIDI notes don’t overlap. You can use Legato function, which helps you. This should solve the problem of 5-12 bars.

Thank you, Martin. I will give both suggestions a try. :slight_smile: