midi / instrument problem cubase le 5

hey folks, noobee here :slight_smile:

i am using cubase le 5 & am having a problem while recording “instrument” tracks.

when i play a few notes quickly on my midi keyboard, the recorded notes stack up on themselves rather than run horizontally. this only seems to happen when i play quickly.

any help would be appreciated.

focusrite saffire pro 14
cubase le 5
esi keykontrol 49x
windows xp

Try Use System Timestamp in MIDI Port Config.

thanks for the reply, unfortunately it made no difference. the quickly played notes don’t sit properly.

EDIT - been at this for a while now… seems to be because i’d set “auto quantize”… i’ve now switched that off but now when i playback the recorded audio is slightly too fast - i seem to ba able to drag it in place but is there any way to fix this?

cheers in advance

thanks in advance