MIDI Instrument USB connected unuseable in Dorico 5

it is not possible to use my CP88 (USB connected) as Midi Instrument in Dorico 5 now. Dorico 4 playback/input with CP88 is fully functional on my PC. The same project opened in DORICO 5 has no playback, sustained notes on clicked notes (no note off). There is no way to change this. Whats going on, please?
Zdenek, Prague

Hi @Zdenek_Zdenek , welcome to the forum.

We apologies for all the inconveniences that our customers currently experience with external MIDI.
We are working on a hotfix for it. Please be patient. We are really deeply sorry.

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Good news, we found the cause and a fix; we will bring out a hotfix version as soon as we can.

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