Midi instruments mess up inCubase SL3

I have a strange problem: I often import midi files created in an notation sowtware (Sibelius). Even though I have selected and saved the Sibelius-midi with the instruments I want to have and I also choose the same midi instruments in Cubase the after pressing play as quite different instruments, typically piano, harpsichord or even xlophone! This might not happen on the first time I press play but at the latest on the second time or when rewinding to the start of the track.

I realize that there might be some midi-information with the imported midi-file that I don´t have sufficient knowledge about. What can I do? - Can I “kill” that information in order for Cubase to be able to manage the instruments? Or should I already do something in the notation programme in order to get a more “co-operative” midi-file in Cubase. - The midi tracks just seem to have therir own stubborn will!

I´d be grateful for some help!

Open the List Editor and delete any unwanted program changes, usually at the beginning.

Thanks! That did the trick! There were many control, it was hard to tell which one was the guilty so I “killd´em all” ! :smiley: Anyway I now know where to find the controls!