MIDI Instruments Not Responding

After years of successfully recording MIDI to Cubasis from an external keyboard (Arturia Keylab 49) routed through my Steinberg UR44, Cubasis instruments (Microsonic, Micrologue, etc.) no longer respond to the signal. Instruments plugged in via inter-app audio all work fine, it’s only the internal instruments that don’t function. Any thoughts on how to correct this?
Ars nova

Hi Ars nova,

Thanks for your message.
So far we did not experience any issues in that area.

Here are some sugesstions, that hopefully help to solve the issue:

  • Reset the external keyboard to its default settings
  • Close all apps, followed by an iPad restart
  • Enable MIDI Input Only for Armed Track on/off setting (located in Setup/MIDI)

If all of this fails, it might be worth to give Cubasis a re-install.
Please make sure, to create a proper backup of all your data up-front.