MIDI interface connection issue

I am having an issue connecting my Yamaha keyboard to the Cubase DAW. I am using a FORE MIDI interface MIDI cable adapter with input and output. It is supposed to be a simple plug in a nd go situation. Not the case. I am new to using the DAW and all that comes along with it. I also am using a small Focusrite solo scarlett generation 3 for headphones and hope to use it for vocals. I was able to connect this interface with no problem. It unfortunately cannot connect to a MIDI or keyboard. Please help.

Hi and welcome,

In this case, you will get the MIDI data from the FORE MIDI, instead Yamaha. Your computer should see the FORE MIDI as the USB device. Same for the Output. You send the MIDI data over the FORE MIDI to Yamaha, so FORE MIDI is your output.

Could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI > MIDI Port Setup, please?