Midi interface stopped being seen by Cubase

I have a MOTU Express 128. It worked fine for years with CB. I did a remote session where I only had a USB-Midi keyboard needed. When I came back to use the MOTU, the Device Managers sees it, but Cubase does not. Disabled/Enabled USB. Reinstalled driver. Switched USB port. Rebooted CB many times. What could have happened?

Can you see it with something else, like MIDI-OX?

Utility doesn’t see it either. Cubase says the midi connection to my mixer , MS Mapper and MS GS Wavetbl Syth are [emulated].

If MIDI-OX doesn’t see it either, it would seem that something is messed up connecting the midi interface to Windows - i.e. the issue isn’t related to Cubase?

I wonder if you might have better luck finding a solution at the MOTU website or at the MOTUnation forum?