MIDI is recorded to wrong instrument

I have a reed player in my score, playing alto sax, clarinet and flute. When I record to the flute part the music ends in the alto sax, which was the first instrument I created for this player. It’s a bug isn’t it?

Are you entering the music in Galley view?

I don’t think I follow you, Stig. If I have a player with multiple instruments, if I select the music prior to an existing instrument transition and start recording there, I record into that instrument, whereas if I start recording anywhere following the “To piccolo” (or whatever) label, I record onto the new instrument. Perhaps it’s your expectation that the instrument doesn’t actually change until the point at which the first note appears for the new instrument? If so, that’s not how Dorico works: the transition occurs immediately after the last note of the original instrument, and you are effectively seeing the staff belonging to the new instrument thereafter.

You can certainly be sure of recording into the instrument you expect if you record in galley view.

I have created a video:https://www.dropbox.com/s/fthf6fonofsl23f/Midi%20record%20Dorico.mp4?dl=0
I record in Galley View, yes.

Thanks for reporting this: we’ll look into it. I believe you should be able to get the expected result by showing the caret on the instrument into which you want to record, rather than only selecting a note or rest on that staff before you start.

I’ll try tomorrow. Thanks!

Well I tried it, and that works.