MIDI issue at UR22 MKII

I´ve just bought a UR22 and installed Cubase AI.

It seems work well until I tried to record MIDI data from a master keyboard (my old DX7II).

Cubase´s MIDI monitor detecs MIDI data inputs. Even MIDI track fader detec MIDI. but Halion (or Groove Agent) don´t sounds. They do well if I play the virtual keyboard with my mouse.

I’ve checked MIDI conections, Cubase’s MIDI port conections, ASIO driver, VST Audio System…

Everything seems to be OK but MIDI has not been dectected by instruments. Even, if I select a MIDI track and tryng to record some MIDI data by playing my DX7II keyboard nothing be recorded.

Have anyone experienced this?

PC i5 10400
16 Gb RAM
Windows 10 (last updated)