MIDI Issue / US - 144mk11 / M-audio keystudio

I have an issue with recording and payback of midi. I can hear audio when in the monitor mode and while recording an instrument track. However when I play back the track it either extends the notes over one another into a mess of sound that does not stop until I delete the track or it only plays back every other note. Very wierd. I wold like to be sure I have everything mapped correctly. Someone out there must be running the same set up as me … Any help or being pointed in the right direction would be very helpful.

CPU & Hardware
Acer - AMD Phenom 2 - 6 core processor
8 GB ram
USB Tascam US - 144mk11
Maudio Keystudio 49 midi keyboard (USB out only)
Numark studio monitors


Hello Ryaodette,

Please go in Cubase to the menu “Devices” --> Device Setup and select here at the left side “Midi port Setp” and enable “Use System Timestamp”.



Hi Chris,

That option is selected in the midi post setup. What I have noticed in other You Tube Tutorials is that I do not have KEYSTUDIO listed as a “midi out”. It is a “midi in though”. Would that be an issue and if so, how do I add keystudio to the midi out? It is a USB only keyboard and I cannot plug it directly into my audio interface with midi cables.

My midi port setup looks like this.
Device I/O Show As Visable State In “All Midi” In
Windows Midi / IN / Keystudio / X Active X
Windows Midi / IN / Tascam US-144 MKII Midi / X Active X

Windows Midi / OUT / Microsoft GS Waveable Synth X Inactive
Windows Midi / Out / Tascam US-144 MKII / X Active

Thanks again …


I have gotten the midi recording figured out, now its just the playback. What ever I record continues to play after I press the stop button. The only to get it to stop playing is to delete the track all together or remove the VST from the instrument track.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the latest driver/firmware for the US 144 Mk II ?
I believe the v 2.01 and 2.02 revisions were made to address MIDI issues .
( Teac Europe is usually more up-to-date than Tascam USA )

I am using the latest driver, 2.02
I don’t know what else it could be. Would you need any aditional information from me to help figure this issue out?

Ryan Odette

My Halion one works perfect, its my cakewalk VST’s that dont stop playing audio. Could that be the problem?

Running Cubase elements 8 with ur22mkII, trying to connect m-audio keystudio keyboard. There is no reception from the keyboard. I have enabled “Use System Timestamp”. You can see a screenshot of my midi port setup in the photo attached. I have also tried with different usb cables thinking that might be the problem. Does anyone have an idea as to why I cannot get any signal from the keyboard? there is no response in the transport as well.

The problem was from the most unlikely source; the cmos battery on my laptop had died, creating a system time issue. Once I changed the battery and set the time on BIOS and got the windows to update time from ms servers the issue was immediately resolved. I can now see the signal from the transport and can play the piano :wink: