midi issue

Hey guys,

I have an maudio midisport 2x2 as my usb midi interface.
I have consulted the maudio manual and everything is configured right there.

Heres is my scenario and issue.

I have a korg triton synth keyboard which I use as a controller, as well as use its internal sounds for sketching out songs. So I have the midi out from the triton plugged into the midi in of my interface. The corresponding midi output port is plugged to the midi in on my triton. The tritons “local control” is set to off.

I set the ins and outs accordingly on a midi track in cubase, hit the record arm button on that track and it plays fine (I have the tritons audio outs routed through my audio card into audio channels in cubase).

Heres where things get funny. I play and record something and its all good. Now, if I play it back and play over the top of it (same patch sound on synth), the new part im playing seems to cut out briefly. The cutting out happens if I play a note that lands on the same start point as a note from the already recorded midi track. Its like there is some cancellation happening. Ive never had this issue before. Its not a polyphony issue with the synth becasue I did a test with only a couple notes and it still did it. I dont know whats going on, it makes it impossible to play over the top of something and come up with new parts, etc.

I have the DAW set to “direct monitoring” mode and I dont use the “all midi inputs” in the inspector settings for midi channels.

Anyone have any idea or experienced this?



If you try to play the same MIDI Note which is already played (the MIDI Note On was send, and the MIDI Note Off wasn`t send yet; on the same MIDI Channel), there could be some mechanism to avoid “double-notes”. So the original MIDI Note is “stopped” (MIDI Message Note Off is sent).

It`s always riski to send two MIDI Notes On (the same note) without MIDI Note Off in between.

The problem occurs even if I play a different note than what is already recorded. This is why I thought it may be a polyphony issue but it isnt.

Also, under normal circumstances, I dont think playing the same note would cause cancellation, because I have noticed at times in the midi editor whenever there is the same note played twice, cubase just plays that particular note louder. So why would this be any different, its just me playing it instead of drawing it in. But liek i said , the problem is occuring regardless of whether its the same note or not.


Do you have any Modifiers or Inserts applied on the MIDI track?

Is your Chord Pads part opened, or closed?

What about your MIDI Record Mode settings in the Transport Panel? Are you using New Parts, Merge or Replace?

figured it out! All the settings on the transport were ok.

A while back I changed the preferences to NOT record aftertouch, it seems that if I record without after touch then try to overdub, the newly played notes cut in and out all over the palce.

I reverted back, rebooted and tested it, everything seems ok. I’ll just go in and delete any aftertouch from the automation lane if need be.

Thanks for your help!