Midi issues w/ C5, Directlink and Axiom25 (2ndGen)

Hi Guys I hope you can help.

I’ve seen problems similar to this and none of the solutions has seemed to work, or no one can suggest an answer.

I have an Axiom25 (2nd gen) usb midi controller that is setup in cubase 5 using DirectLink. The transport controls work fine from the keyboard (play/stop etc), but when I try to play sounds/record midi there is no sound when you press a key or pad, although I can see midi information is being sent on the transport bar.

Nothing looks wrong to me in term of device setup.
I’ve reinstalled cubase, updated the axiom driver (v1.1.2) and DirectLink (v1.1.6) still no joy.
I’ve reset the Axiom back to default settings. No Joy.

At a complete loss!

Any ideas?


(System is win7 x64 sp1)

Anybody? It’s really frustrating!!!