MIDI Issues with OASYS, VSTi's...

Hello All,

I am having an issue where I use my Korg Oasys to record MIDI tracks. I am capable of recording the MIDI data. However, I get no sound in the monitoring stage when I’m recording with both the OASYS and the VSTs. When I playback, the VST will sound, and the OASYS will not sound.
I have set up the OASYS as an External Instrument. Is there a different way of setting this up in N6 as opposed to N5? I know I’m overlooking something simple. Just unsure what it is. Please help.

Is there anyone who is having MIDI issues?

I am not, but I am not using external midi sound modules.

Hi JoDell,

I assume you have setup your system again from scratch to work on N6. I haven’t used an external keyboard synth for years, but I remember from past experience that in your new setup you might have missed to go to your Korg’s “Local On/Off” page. If you choose “on” it will play itself all the time. If “off” it will only sound when you assign your MIDI track’s port and channel to play your Korg. That usually fixes the problem. As you said, it’s simple, but sometimes overlooked.

I hope this helps.

I have made some progress. Midi Thru was deactivated. This activated sound to be played correctly with my VSTi, so I’m done with the vsti.
Not quite done however. In the VST Connections, I added my Korg Oasys and Roland XV5080 as external instruments. In N5, I was able to ‘add track’, ‘instrument’, and this was all I had to do summing up to 1 track.
In N6, I have to ‘add midi track’, ‘F11’, add the Oasys to the VST Instruments list, summing up to 2 tracks. This was what I did for N3, but I really liked the convenience of N5’s function. It is much quicker.

Perhaps a Midi filter is preventing the keyboards to sound during playback.
I didn’t have to check ‘Local On’ in N5 when using the External Instruments. Now, the keyboard will sound when I play the notes. I can record data, but still will not playback the Midi data I recorded.

It would be a great service if Steinberg could just ‘Remote Access’ my pc and just show me what I’m doing wrong. Lol.


I rarely use my XV-5080, and when I do, I use it the old-fasioned way–through a MIDI interface. Of course you already know recording MIDI data and playing them back are two different things. MIDI data is recorded from whatever input source connected to your system, but the playback depends on MIDI port and channel. Assuming you have your Korg Oasys connected to your computer via a MIDI interface, I would suggest that you try the old way and assign your MIDI playback track to your Oasys and see what happens regardless of your VST connections. If there’s still no sound, then there must be a problem either with N6 or your setup. Do it just to make sure all your settings are correct. N5 and N6 could not be that different in this department.


I do have it set up using a Motu MicroLite. The old method of adding a Midi Track and an Audio track works fine. Any idea on how to get the new Instrument track to work? It is a great feature to have since I work with my Oasys and XV5080 quite a bit. What I find odd is that when I use N5 it works fine. As soon as I open N6, I’m back to having problems.