Midi Issues with Yamaha MOXF8


I am having issues getting my MOXF to input midi notes into Cubase Elements 10. The first time that I inserted the VST’s including the MOXF, everything was fine. All of the instruments received and played from the MOXF but after that initial session, midi notes ceased to play anymore. I don’t know what happened; I checked all filters from the instrument and the software and everything checked out good. I can see the midi meter receiving note messages but no sounds from the instruments including the MOXF anymore. Can anyone tell me what I might have done inadvertently and offer a solution to resolve this issue?


Hi and welcome,

Where are the MIDI data routed to? Do you use a MIDI track (are they routed to some hardware output? Which one? Is it connected?) or do you use an Instrument Track (Which Instrument? Can you see an incoming MIDI activity in it?)

/Users/owner/Documents/Cubase Screenshots

Here are screenshots of my set up. Also, I do see an input midi signal when I press the keys of my MOXF and I notice that the VST plugin responds to the transport signals but there is no note input nor sound from the instruments.


Sorry, the screenshots are not attached.

Sorry about that. Here they are.

/Users/owner/Documents/Cubase Screenshots/Screenshot 2019-05-28 18.52.13.png
/Users/owner/Documents/Cubase Screenshots/Screenshot 2019-05-28 18.52.24.png

/Users/owner/Documents/Cubase Screenshots/Screenshot 2019-05-28 18.52.55.png
/Users/owner/Documents/Cubase Screenshots/Screenshot 2019-05-28 18.53.06.png


Your MIDI track is routed to the Groove Agent SE. Is this what you want? Do you want to play a drum sound? Is any order selected there?

I want to be able to route and record all available VSt instruments midi and audio including my moxf anytime that I include them into a project.


If you want to get a sound from your MOXF, you have to record the audio to an Audio track.

Hi, Thanks for that insight. Now I will need to figure out how to route and record the MIDI events into the program so that I can edit and print out lead sheets and full scores for publishing. I see a MIDI signal from the activity monitor but when I try to record, I get no MIDI input to the VST collection nor to a MIDI track. I have referred to the Cubase youtube channel for instructions and trouble shooting on the system setup and for the MOXF. So if you can, send the link to a reference video from the youtube channel on understanding how the MIDI filter setup goes for the software. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


If you are in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, Diane all fleets but SysEx. Enabled filter means, the data is filled out. At the other hand, make sure all MIDI Channels are enabled.

Provide a screenshot, please.

Hello there,

you have guided me well towards solving this issue with MIDI input settings. It was indeed the channels in the filter settings that I didn’t fully understand. By having them highlighted I realized that that setting applied the filter which didn’t allow them to accept and record information. Hey thanks a lot bro.


I’m glad it works to you.

What I see in your screenshots are the Record filters.

And moreover, I see you are using MOX Port 2 as a remote MIDI Port. I would strongly recommend to disable it from the All MIDI Inputs in the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Setup page.