Midi Issues

Hi I am new to this forum so am not entirely sure where this question is to go but thought I might start here. I have a Yamaha motif xf 8 which I have connected to a Motu 828 mk3 which then connects via firewire to my mac using cubase 6. The problem I have is when I add a midi track with external instrument (Yamaha motif) I can record a track with say piano etc. But when I go to record another track using the external instrument track (Yamaha motif) for another instrument it changes the first external instrument track to that instrument too. How do I have say a piano track and a bass track without both tracks sounding like a bass???

Hi, make sure that your tracks are going to different midi channels. When you highlight the track, the track parameters are in the inspector to the left. Under the Midi Out line you see the midi channel. I’m not sure, but I think the default is always 1. Welcome to the forum.