MIDI issues


I’m having some midi issues: when I try to use chordy or any other midi app, cubasis just freeze, and the open inter app too.
I get many errors too, when using inter app.
Cubasis isn’t stable.
Can I have some help please?

@Helveth, have you tried to use Midibridge, it can be a helpful app.

I’ve got midi issues too, but on the hardware side of things. Cubasis seems to double the clock when sending midi, i.e., 80 BPM set in Cubais ends up being 160 BPM in my gear (electribe 2 and OP-1).

@ Helveth
I think it is Inter App Audio that is not stable rather than cubasis, I have been using for a while and Audiobus causes far less issues than inter app audio using the same apps. Although I prefer the ease of use of IAA so i am sticking with it and putting up with (for now) random crashes and loss of connection between apps.

I too have timing issue with MIDI CLOCK, I don’t think it is limited to Cubasis as on all forums for apps there are reports of timing issues. Seems there is no ‘standard’ way of implementing it in iOS as yet