Midi issues

1 - In the hub, if I select no Input Midi, VST Live crashes when opening the project.


2 - Each time a MIDI parameter is changed, it sends a message directly. It should not send.

3 - When a Part is MIDI configured and activated,

  • it sends 2 messages if only PGM CHG is configured :


  • it sends 4 messages if PGM CHG + LSB is configured :


  • it sends 6 messages if PGM CHG + LSB + MSB is configured :


Cannot reproduce, so could you provide more info? If I set both to not connected and then Create New Project, it warns me but all ist ok. If I open the demo project the same. Maybe try again with the new 1.1.10 version.

Well, but that’s what it’s there for, so why should it not?? Let us know which MIDI parameters you mean. You were talking about Layer Program Change, this can even be remote controled via Actions and Shortcuts so it should definately send the selected message.

You are right, but only happens with external MIDI. Will fix, thanks for reporting.

… is a crash log available? Could you please check the following locations?
win : C:/Users/Username/Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps
mac : /Users/michaelspork/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

Please send us the files starting with “vstlive”.

Thank you,

Hi Spork,

Try with this one :
VST Live Version 1.1.0 2022.11.3 (956.8 KB)

What I mean is that when I configure the parameter (for example Program Change = 2), VST Live send directly a midi message. The feature is that the message should be send only when the part is activated.
So imagine I set parameter PGM CHG = 2 by error, then I set value 5, and then the value 10, VST Live would have send 3 midi messages just during configuration time.

You mean when it becomes activated?
With PGM CHG you set the sound of an instrument, so you want to hear what it sounds like when you change it, no? Otherwise how would I jugde if the sound fits me, I’d have to change Part and back each time?

I understand your point with instrument.
In my case, it was different as it was to change a program of my effect pedal only at part activation.