MIDI Iterative Quantize at beginning of Event bug.

You have the Key Editor open. You have a note selected and that note is a few ticks ahead of beat 1 of the beginning the Event, say

So you move it left a bit so that it’s just outside the beginning of the Event. Say

You now get the warning "Enlarge Part Or Move Anyway?’ You choose ‘Move Anyway’.

Now hold down the Q key to Iteratively Quantize the note. It -should- eventually quantize to the beginning of the bar, no? Although it -says- that it is at, the note will show as muted (ie. that it is outside the Event boundary).


It depends, if the MIDI Note out of the event is selected or not. If there is any selection, the Quantize function is applied to the selected notes (in general). If there is no selection inside the MIDI Part, then the MIDI Part is selected and the Quantize is applied to the (selected) MIDI Part. But then the note is out of the (selected) MIDI Part, so it’s not applied.

The note is selected. And I keep hitting ‘q’ over and over until the Start time is–the exact same as the start of the MIDI Event. But the note is grayed out.

I think this is a bug.

Same here.

I see, this is different (already known) issue. I believe, this will be fixed in the upcoming Cubase 9.5 update.

What Bug ID? Is it fixed in 9.5.10?