MIDI Key Commands Broken in

After updating/rebooting/etc. my remote MIDI commands no longer work.

I.E. Transport controls via remote MIDI controller.

They do not show up as I last had them set.

I cannot enter or learn new ones.

That’s strange - I don’t think anything has changed in that area. I’ve just tried setting and triggering some now and they work as expected.

I’ll try it with a fresh project and a clean slate as soon as I get a chance and report back if that fixes it.

If that fixes it, I’ll throw up the ‘corrupted project’ for analysis.

The shortcuts aren’t stored in a particular project: they’re saved in the key commands JSON file.


What should I try first?

Before updating, working in this same project, I had CC events bound to drive the transport. They were working. Now they are gone. When I try to learn them again nothing happens.


I can confirm that the keyboard does send messages, and the events in question ARE getting passed through Dorico.

I.E. A snoopy instance of a diagnostic plugin hosted in Dorico shows my CCevents when I tap the buttons.
I can play instruments with the keyboard when the stave is selected.

I rebooted and started fresh. Same project, same devices and MIDI routing as before.

My old settings are gone, but I am able to enter new ones now.

No clue as to why it was locked up, but it seems to be working now.

The problem is back.

Seems like every 3rd session or so Dorcio kicks out all of my learned MIDI commands.
It refuses to relearn them unless I fully reboot the system, and sometimes that doesn’t get it working again.

Otherwise I’m not having any issues with my keyboard or wind-jammer working as expected.

My setup is a little non-conventional in that I converge controllers into Bidule and route them via virtual MIDI port to any apps that need them. With this approach I’m able to bring tablets doing wireless OSC into the fold, and drive the transport and more with the tablet. I’m not sure why this might make a difference but a heads up just in case.

The CC events that I have previously bound to key commands in Dorico do make it into Dorico, and on to any plugins hosted therein.

I wonder whether this problem could be related to the issue that some users report (all of whom are on Mac to date, as far as I know) where the MIDI keyboard stops inputting into the score some time after starting Dorico, and the only way to restore it is to restart the application. We don’t yet have a lead on the cause of this issue, unfortunately, and thus far none of the diagnostic reports we’ve seen have given us any clues.

Windows 10 here…

No idea. Why would Dorico kick them all from memory in preferences?

Excatly which file holds them, and is it possible for me to back it up?

It’s odd to me that Dorico would throw away the preferences unless one goes in and and deletes them, or clicks the ‘restore to factory defaults’.

Note, after rebooting I can ‘relearn’ them. Anything I had entered and been using before is gone.

So far it’s not a huge deal to put them back in as needed since I’m only doing a few transport controls, but ultimately I’d like to take advantage of OSC over the WAN and integrate my tablet more into the mix. I’m reluctant to build massive command sets until I’m pretty sure they will stick.

The shortcuts are all saved in keycommands_en.json, and surely it’s not deleting them; it’s just not able to respond to the triggers any longer.

OK, but once it does start responding to them again, the commands I set up in user preferences in the previous sessions are GONE.

I must go through and set them up again from scratch. As in…all the learned MIDI command fields are BLANK. For whatever reason(s), Dorcio isn’t just neglecting to respond to them…it seems like it totally got rid of them.

I’ll try to set aside a little time to observe the state of the json file if possible.

Another thing I’d noticed is that Dorico often throws up a message that it cannot autosave my project. I checked the path several times to make sure it’s not pointing somewhere it shouldn’t be…that there is plenty of free space on the partition, that the partition/directory has open permissions, and so on.

I’ve disabled that autosave feature for the short term with plans to come back and visit it when I get a chance.

Could it be that I have some kind of OS permissions issue with my installation?

I ‘might’ have discovered my problem.

I made a visual inspection of the json file (the copy in my %USERPROFILE% area) in a text editor and noticed more than one entry assigned to the same cc event.

I totally deleted that file and started fresh. I’ve made some new assignments and double/triple checked that they aren’t duplicated by mistake.

Could that lead to the problem?

I’d intentionally bound a stop button to both stop the playback AND return the playhead to the start of the project. It seemed to work quite well that way at the time.

Now I’ve it set up so play just starts/stops from current playhead position. Stop ONLY resets the playhead to the beginning.

Now I’ve set things up differently, and the same cc is NOT used twice. I’ve got a lot of buttons on the keyboard here to experiment with approaches and assignments, but I’ll keep this simple layout for now.

We’ll see how it goes.

I don’t think a duplicate MIDI command in the JSON file would cause this problem. As you found, the MIDI commands are still located in the JSON file, so they’re not actually being deleted.

Do you know if that file is being changed? Check file time on it. I’d be tempted to take a backup of the file, then compare the backup with the file when the problem occurs to see if the file has been changed (possibly corrupted so it can’t be loaded next time?).

First time it’s happened, but during a rather lengthy session where I was mostly tweaking and scripting for HSO instruments, Dorico did lose contact with the MIDI input completely.

Everything else in the loop still got events from that particular port. I could pull up the virtual port interface and tap keys…see the data count increase. A MIDI monitor in Bidule shows the events before it pipes them into the virtual port. Fired up a stand alone instance of ARIA and it got stuff from the virtual port fine, etc…

I could still play the score and work with it using the mouse and computer key-board…just nothing from MIDI anymore.

Oh well…if there’s anything specific I can do to help find the problem just let me know, otherwise I’ll let this thread simmer. The good news is that I’m getting some things accomplished with Dorico in spite of the hiccup :wink: