MIDI Key Editor cause Cubase to crash

I record a midi track, then double click on it or go to Key Editor and a black white screen appears and Cubase freezes. I have to close it using task manager.

Cubase Elements 8
intel core i5-5200U
Komplete audio 6 audio interface

Thank you

Same here, running Artist 8. Upgraded from 4.5.2 which was rock solid on XP!!! Really wishing I had stuck with what I had. Does anyone know if this bug will get fixed? Waste of £200 at the moment and creative flow is out of the window.

The bug is actually getting worse. I’ve now lost the virtual sliders graphic off my virtual mixer! Timeline cursor keeps disappearing, shadow of a duplicated part when dragging and dropping goes missing, untold crashes. Seriously, this is so buggy it’s beyond a joke now and unable to do anything! A wasted morning already looking for fixes. Seriously fed up :unamused: