Midi Key Editor Improvements

I’d like to make some suggestions for the midi key editor.

  1. Midi Key Editor should limit on the scale or chords as you draw on the editor if chosen.

  2. When lines are drawn, the notes should have varied lengths and not be chopped (i.e. having multiple consecutive 16th notes). See attached image. So the drawn line would have notes of different lengths. In addition, would be nice if even snapping or quantization is applied.

  3. Would be great if I can apply a midi pattern to the draw tool. So as I draw a line, this midi pattern would repeat and, if chosen, notes would be applied depending on the scale or chords. So imagine I draw a line upwards so this midi pattern repeats going up the scale. I need this because sometimes I have a small midi pattern repeat and slowly go upwards in the scale.

  4. Would be nice if I select a note or notes, right click, and apply an articulation from an Expression map directly on the note. Using expression maps gets a bit annoying. Right click to apply an articulation seems more intuitive.

I hope I see these in a future version of Cubase!

Thank you,