Midi keyboard and controller can not work in Cubase

Hi, I have the Cubase pro 11. I bought a midi controller, and try to set it in the Cubase, I changed several things. Now my keyboard and my contrller can not work in the Cubase, but only have a signol. But I try to open another program, for example Sibelius, my keyboard can work with it. What can I do ? Help help help.

If you see the MIDI pulse then Cubase is getting the signal from the controller. Create a new Channel, a VST instrument channel, choose an instrument, maybe Halion. When the newly created channel is clicked on, to the left of your project, you will see the the channel strip in the ‘Inspector’ tab. Within the channel strip drop down you will see the VST instrument Halion that you created. There should be a black slot to select your MIDI controller. You should see your device listed. If not, then you need to help Cubase find it. If it’s not a Yamaha product or a Roland product you may need to create it as a ‘custom’ controller. Read the manual for this. After you’ve done this, then choose ‘Any’ in the ‘MIDI channel select’ drop down window in the channel Inspector or MIDI channel 1 (or one of the 16 MIDI channels available). Then you need to turn on the VST instrument from the VSTi tab to the right of your Project window (or also find this within the ‘Studio’ tab or press F11.

I’m sorry if this sounds complicated, but this is hard to explain. Best of luck.