Midi keyboard annoyance

I have a little problem with Nuendo and a midi keyboard (garagekey usb).
Every time i start Nuendo (5.5 or 5 or 4, no matter which version), there is no midi in activity (@transport bar midi activity monitor) until i press “send reset message to all devices” in Devices->Device setup menu.
I’ve tried to fiddle around with ignoreportfilter file, but no help there.
Keyboard itself should be ok, it works flawlessly in Pro Tools and works also in Nuendo if connected to another computer.

Anything i’ve missed?

Some information about your system would be more likely to elicit a response…

Oh, sorry.
it’s a win7 64-bit sp1 pc, gigabyte p67 motherboard, i5 2500, 12g ram, m-audio mobile pre2.