MIDI keyboard can't be heard

Greetings !

PROBLEM: Sounds from the mike and from the virtual keyboard are being heard correctly BUT sound from my MIDI keyboard is not being heard, even though the green volume indicators are flashing when the keyboard is played.

BACKGROUND: Am running Cubase AI 9 on Windows 10, using Steinberg UR22 Mk II, MidiPlus AK490 keyboard.

Will hugely appreciate advice.


What Sound source is your MIDI Keyboard triggering? Which “green volume indicators” are flashing - the ones on the MIDI track, or the ones on the transport bar? During Playback or record?

Many thanks for replying. The green volume indicators were flashing on the transport bar and not on the MIDI track. The problem went away when I connected the USB output on my MidiPlus AK490 keyboard to a USB port on the computer. I had wrongly assumed that the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT cables were sufficient to inform the UR22 and the computer. But clearly the computer also needed communications directly from the keyboard. Also, there is a little speaker icon inside the MIDI track information field, that needs to be turned on, if notes cannot be heard.