Midi Keyboard / Cubase 8 ?

Hey everyone, I’m new here!

I have been using Cubase 8 64 bit for a while, along with a Midi keystation 61es, a Virus TI and a Forte Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 soundcard.

Actually, my problem is with the Midi keystation. I haven’t used it in almost a year now.

Could it be possible, that my Midi keystation “messes” with my project? Maybe I was crazy, or my ears were tired/lied, or it was just an illusion, but I seriously don’t use it anymore because i’m afraid it changes volume of several VST plugins/channels etc in my projects. I’m not even kidding. I’m not sure how or why but it’s scary. :confused:

I never touched the volume fader or whatever on my keyboard, I just used the keys for sounddesign related stuff.

It has been a huge loss to me and I can’t take the risk of plugging it in and working on a track… :unamused:

Is this possible? Or am I really going crazy? And How do I prevent it? Yes I turned Cubase back to factory settings several times.

Thanks alot in advance.

You need to first make sure you have the latest device driver for the M-Audio Keystation and that it is compatible with Cubase. Go to the M-Audio website and download the latest.
I had a similar problem with an old KORG MIDI controller. The KORG built-in MIDI interface and device driver did not play nice with Cubase. So I abandoned the USB connection altogether and routed the controller (via MIDI cables) to a separate MIDI interface that works well with the Steinberg software. I’m not suggesting you should do that, I’m just saying it solved my problem.

Thank you sir! I’m gonna try that.