Midi keyboard + cubase, sustained/hung/stuck notes problem

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use Roland Gaia SH-01 (a synth) as a midi keyboard in Cubase 5 to play piano sounds. I have the Gaia connected to my PC with a Midi-USB cable. I’m also using Guitar Rig Session I/O.

The problem is that when I play multiple notes (like a chord) at once, and then release the keys, some notes still sustain, they don’t cut off. When playing individual notes there is no problem, they cut off as per normal when you release the key.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

In the project I’ve played C, E, G, and then C major chord, and released it, but still some notes are being sustained when they should be cut off.


I’ve just tried connecting the Gaia SH-01 to the computer via the USB-B-type port at the back of the synth (instead of using the Midi port on the synth) to the USB port on the computer. It works way better! There are no hung/stuck/sustained notes!

However I would still like to use the Midi connection, because I need that USB-B-type cable for something else.

Please help!