MIDI Keyboard detected but not working in Nuendo

Dear Nuendo users,
I just downloaded Nuendo 11 yesterday. I am unable to get my Akai MPK88 MIDI controller working with Nuendo.
I have done my initial research-

  • I have tested my controller with MIDI OX and confirmed that all MIDI commands get through as expected
  • I am able to use the same hardware setup with Cubase 10.5, Keyscape standalone with absolutely no issues.
  • In MIDI Port setup, I have checked the “In All MIDI” for my controller
  • I can see MIDI activity in the transport panel in Nuendo.
  • However no activity in the MIDI channel. I have also inserted MIDI monitor in the channel, which doesnt show any activity.
  • I have also searched for similar topics in the thread, tried solutions mentioned, but with no luck

Can someone help me with this?
Thank you so much,

Sorted it out!
It was my bad.
Had to record arm the tracks. it was de-selected by default.
If anyone face similar issues, this article helped me. Record Enabling Tracks on Selection.

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Activating the Input Monitoring (little orange speaker symbol) should be sufficient.

Thanks Dietz, the input monitoring induced latency and more over I wanted to record when I selected a track. All good! Thanks for your input