midi keyboard disengaging

Am I am missing something extraordinarily obvious? I feel a bit silly.

My little portable CME 3 octave USB keyboard, just quits out on me for note input. But, it still is playing the virtual instruments in Dorico.

I am not doing anything fancy, simply writing a viola line, when all of a sudden, after I’ve switched out of input mode, and then back in, it doesn’t work. The sound is there, right pitch, right instrument. But no note input. As I said, I’m not tinkering under the hood, so maybe I hit a key command by accident that shuts off midi keyboard input? I looked through the manual, no cigar.

should mention, that I made a super rookie mistake and updated to Catalina. I never do this, yet this time I just thought why the hell not. Total disaster. Logic Kontakt and Dorico are all having serious difficulty. Learn from my mistake. DO NOT upgrade.

Any ideas about the disappearing keyboard?

Thanks so much

This behavior is not limited to Catalina. It was introduced in the same update which allowed to hotswitch midi USB devices in Dorico. I have not updated to the latest os and am also experiencing issues. Please search the forum before posting, there are couple of topics about it already!
Cheers aleos and have a productive week!

We have been unable to reproduce this problem in-house but we have an idea what might be causing it, and we’re hopeful that the problem will be resolved in the next update. In the meantime, you will need to quit and restart Dorico to restore the connection. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I did search. Nothing came up. “midi keyboard disengaging” only brings up this thread.

Thanks for the info guys, I’m sure Daniel, your team will get it sorted.


I can confirm that the problem is fixed in advance of our next update, so you won’t have to live with this problem for too much longer.

That is fantastic news, Daniel! Thank you all so much, I am so happy!

Wonderful to hear Daniel. Thanks.
It is happening every time I open Dorico now. Within the first 5 minutes, usually if I go in and out of input mode a couple of times.
It’s strange, as you mentioned Nikola, that it is not limited to Catalina, because it clearly, happened after I updated. And it had never happened before.

Looking forward to the update.