Midi keyboard dropping out

Some help required :). Running Cubase elements 11 on macbook air. The midi keyboard (M-Audio mini keystation) has worked fine up to now and suddenly nothing. Noticed that the bar graphs on the transport panel is moving up when a key is press on the keyboard which I assume show it is connected to Cubase OK but it is not transmitting to either groove agent or prologue or halion, I have tried the following without success:
Restarted the computer and cubase.
Checked the Midi port setup and the keyboard is showing
Opened a new project and added instrument tracks to see if it would help
unpluggd the keyboard and plugged back in.
Keyboard is showing up and assigned as the input source in the inspector .

Pardon my ignorance but not sure how to proceed.


check your Preferences > Midi Filter settings maybe?

(note: I’m filtering all of Midi Channel 16 in my setup. - Otherwise the image shows the Cubase defaults, which should make things work).

Thanks for that I will have a look :slight_smile:


Its worked, you have got the job :slight_smile: