Midi Keyboard for Cubase 7

Could anybody please recommend a good MIDI Keyboard to use with Cubase 7 (64 bit) installed on a laptop.

I currently have a home set up with Cubase 7 installed on a dedicated desktop PC and a Yamaha MOTIF XS8 being the driving force for production. I’d also like to have the opportunity to take my work around on my laptop and use a portable MIDI keyboard to work with VST sounds / instruments installed with Cubase 7.

My Laptop set up is:

Asus n-series laptop
USB 2.0 & USB 3.0
Windows 8
Internal Sound Card
Cubase 7 (64 bit)

Will be very grateful for any recommendations. Price range £100 - £300.

Many thanks.

It depends on what sort of keyboard you are looking for but I would recommend the novation sl mk2 series or the impulse series . You not only get a really good keyboard but automap as well to control all your plugin’s .


but it depends on which size keyboard your after as you’ll be looking at a 25 note for that price range