Midi keyboard input in Cubase 5.1 not working. :-(

I connected my Axiom Air 49 keyboard to my computer with cubase 5.1 and it works fine. But when I do the same on my laptop with cubase 5.1, I can see midi activity in the transport bar, but nothing happens…no sound from my vst instruments. Cubase also doesn’t record any midi activity from the keyboard. I Googled myself senseless, none of the suggested solutions work.
How can I solve this problem?

Thanx in advance for any help.


It is always best to list computer and software specs in your requests for assistance.

Some thoughts if you can see midi activity…
Have you picked a VST instrument and chosen a sound effect?
Have you assigned the VST and sound to the track you are trying to record to?
Have you record enabled the instrument or midi track?
Have you activated the track monitor function to hear during recording?
Have you disabled the record and monitor functions when listening to what was recorded?
Is the track routed to the correct stereo output bus?

Regards :sunglasses: