midi keyboard input stops with Dorico 3 stil

Has anyone figured out why the midi keyboard keeps dropping out every 15 minutes or so? It’s getting rather annoying to have to stop working to shut down the program and start all over again all the time? I’ve tried everything I can think of to remedy the problem, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Nothing seems to trigger the problem and nothing seems to bring the keyboard back. I understand it’s some kind of bug, but it makes work really difficult. I’d love to get it sorted out if possible.

Hi Timothy.
FWIW, I had only one problem with MIDI keyboard since version 3 is out, and I’ve been working like 10-14 hours a day since then… So I guess your problem is relied upon your system, and to help you, we’ll probably need some more information about your setup.

There’s no need to open a new thread on the same topic, even if your previous thread has dropped off the front page of the forum. Starting a new thread is tantamount to bumping, which we (well, I) consider rude, particularly when the forum is so busy and we are trying so hard to help every customer.

Timothy, I replied in your previous thread that you need to create a diagnostic report when this happens so that we have some information about what could have caused it. If it happens after a period of time then possible causes could be broken USB cables, broken/overloaded USB hubs, OS power management settings, or firmware bugs in the keyboard itself.

Sorry Daniel, I didn’t mean to be rude. I’ll send a diagnostic report.