Midi Keyboard just suddenly stopped working with Dorico 4 (Mac)

I was just doing work on my computer, when suddenly, the midi keyboard just quit working and having note inputs. At first, it wouldn’t let me play a chord on my keyboard in order to input chords, and now it doesn’t even seem to be read by Dorico. I’ve already searched the entire forum, and none of the solutions presented worked. Are there any more potential solutions to this issue?
I just want to get work done.
I think there may also be a chance that it may be an issue with my mac reading the midi controller to begin with, but I’m trying to make sure I’ve exhausted all potential solutions in Dorico first.

Please load a project and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Some possibles:
If you have another midi program check if it receives notes ons etc.
Check Audio midi Setup app;
Presumably you have rebooted;
Also if it runs on battery, check with new batteries.