MIDI keyboard lost after sleep; suggestions?

It happens not too infrequently that after a computer sleep (Windows, maybe Mac too) that Dorico recognizes a MIDI keyboard, still shows it in prefs, but ignores input. Enabling/disabling the keyboard doesn’t fix it, nor adding/removing if possible (e.g. a USB keyboard). Only fix appears to be quitting and restarting Dorico always fixes the issue.

Would be nice if this didn’t happen but not a great hardship, wondering if there’s any other workaround or idea.

In general hot plugging/unplugging of MIDI devices does work pretty reliably. Next time this occurs, perhaps you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and upload the resulting zip file here, in case the audio engine logs tell us anything about what’s happening to the MIDI devices.

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Just happened again, diagnostics sent via email …

Unfortunately the diagnostics don’t tell me much. I can see that just before your computer went to sleep that one of the registered devices was disconnected, though I can’t see which one, and I think this makes sense, but at least one device reconnects four or five hours later, when I guess you woke your computer up. There’s not enough info at least in Dorico’s own application log to suggest what else might be going on there.

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